AsHtanga Yoga

Astanga Yoga


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Stockbridge House
2 Cheyne Street,
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Ashtanga Yoga
is an energetic flowing form of yoga known as vinyasa. Vinyasa links the breath with motion; the inhale and exhale fluidly link entering into & exiting out of the postures.
Ashtanga General . The general level class will introduce the standing postures and some of the seated postures in the Ashtanga Primary Series. In essence you will be adding a tasty filling to the sunsalute and finishing sequence sandwich learnt in Beginners! This class will also prepare and inspire you for Ashtanga Mysore practice or Ashtanga Full talk-thru and perhaps Saturday Flow.

Saturday Yoga Flow is a creative, full-spectrum approach to Vinyasa yoga. Susan invites students of all levels to join in this class. You will leave feeling empowered and full of free flow prana - the universal source of breath. Come along and learn classical and innovative approaches to Vinyasa yoga and the state of flow!

For more details and booking for these classes contact Kat on or call 07771365550.