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Vouchers purchased can be redeemed  with:
Lou Johnston at her Edinburgh Clinic

  • Massage Therapies
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Pre Natal Pamper Packs

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Tonic 2011 The New You
This  is a full Naturopathic session that will look at where your health is and where you would like it to be throughout 2019
Lou Johnston will use Naturopathic Diagnostic tools to promote change
*warning - results can be rapid and life changing!

She will look at your diet, exercise, lifestyle, working and home environments. Other current treatments, medications and medical history will also be considered.
She will use a combination of dietary, supplemental & herbal support; she will also look into your exercise and lifestyle needs.

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Angel Massage Angel Massage

A Seasonal 90 minute Full Body, Luxury Massage with Lou Johnston -
Aromatic oils & balms in a beautiful tropical room right here in Edinburgh!
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Jodi Fox Monthly Massage Pack

A block of 6 massage treatments for the price of 5. These can be used at any stage throughout 2017. The benefits of regular massage can really be felt when treatments are regular; whether monthly or bi monthly.

A great gift for those who already have regular treatments or for ongoing support for a loved one in 2019.

6x 1hr Massage


Natal Pamper Pack Pre Natal Bumper Pack

Research shows that massage in pregnancy has huge benefits for both mum and baby. From pain relief & reduction in leg swelling to increasing blood flow to mum and baby. Those that use massage in pregnancy sleep better and experience fewer complications in labour. Block of 6 x 1 hr


Natal Pamper Pack Pre Natal Pamper Pack

This Pack contains 2  x 1 1/4 hour Pregnancy Massage Treatments to be use from 3 months right up to the day before the birth.

Pregnancy Massage is a must during a healthy pregnancy, research continues to show that the benefits are great.
We see improved sleep,  a reduction in back & leg pain, fewer complications during labour and a reduction in post natal depression.


Feet Pre Natal Prep Pack

Get into the best possible health to conceive your baby, build yourself up so you have reserves for the magical journey ahead.
Lou will help you find your optimum diet and supplement programme to get you there! 
She is a registered Forsight Pre Conception Practitioner and works with Hair analysis.


Elephant Winter Warming Works

A deeply luxurious full body massage using hot herbal blended sesame based oils to balance mind, body and spirit; finishing with a Hopi ear candle session for total relaxation and help ward off winter respiratory woes. 1.5hr


Massage Therapeutic Massage with Lou Johnston 1 Hour

This Classical Massage Treatment works all  your muscle groups restoring proper function delivering a fresh supply of oxygen and blood to cells leaving you feeling entirely relaxed, yet  totally revived.