Kat Shaw

Gemma Smith

Kat’s practised has stemmed over a long period of time slowly incorporating daily yoga into her life. She intuitively knew when flipping through her ma’s Indian yoga books this is a path she would love to live. A life about Love.  Kat’s Mum took her to yoga when she was 8 years old and yoga was practised in a garage at the back of a residential beach house in Newcastle, Australia. Kat practised yoga till she was a teen and felt the benefits. She let it slide only to come back to it when she was 20yrs and more and more brought it back into her life till it became a daily discipline.

Yoga is a practice she will never give up; she practises and teaches from her heart and her experience. She is gentle in her approach and tough in her teachings, respecting the tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yoga in our fast-paced and modern world.


With the rising of the sun, Kats first actions are to tune into her yoga practice. Her mat is rolled out and she practices for approximately 2 hours each morning. Each practice is unique, flowing, present and abundant and each practice teaches Kat to prepare and protect her Self for the day’s events.

Kats personal practice starts with a guided meditation to focus and awaken her spiritual charkas, this opens her spiritually, emotionally and physically to discern, in her asana practice and also throughout her day.

Her asana practice is based on Ashtanga Vinyasa style and Vinyasa Yoga style of practice and is currently fine-tuning her second-series knowledge and with magical results. She also flows with Shiva Rea’s style of teachings practising to the magic of energy flow, circles, music and breath


Kat’s heart has taught her over time to follow guided meditation, asana, pranayama and meditate, in that order, is what keeps her whole as a person, abundant and present.


You can contact Kat on katyoga@gmail.com  or call her on 07771365550 and quote ‘Tonic Health’ for priority places.